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Ribbit, Ribbit~

Rukia Kuchiki [Beta 0.8.5]

=88.8% Done=
x     light kick       Shunpo   a
y    medium kick       Charge   b
 z    hard kick   Spin Kick/Hadou   c 

Air Dash!(only shikai) F,F or B,B in air

=Special Moves=

Knee Combo        D,DB,B,(atk)
konSMASH!!        D,DF,F,(atk)

Kido Moves (cost energy)
-20  Hado #31     D,DF,F,(c)
-10  Hado #4           B,F,(c)
-5     Bakudo#4         D,D,(c) 

=Super Moves=

**Lvl 2 Shunpo Combo**                 D.DB.B,D.DB.B,(atk)

Lvl 1 Hado 31! Shakkaho!! (Shot of Fire)        D.DF.F,D.DF.F,(atk)

**Lvl 2 Bakudo 61!! Rikiyokoro!! (Six Rod Prison)**     B,D,F,(c)
    -cost 500 to execute and uses 1000 when successful  

Lvl1 D,B,F,(atk) Sode no Shiraiyuki
=Special Moves=

Juhaku        D,DB,B,(atk)
Ice Slip        D,DF,F,(atk) 

Kido Moves (cost energy)
-20    Hado #31    D,DF,F,(c)
-5    Bakudo#4        D,D,(c) 

=Super Moves=

Lvl 2(Lvl 1-air) Some no Mai, Tsukishiro! (White Moon)        D.DF.F,D.DF.F,(atk)

Lvl 2 Tsugi no Mai, Hakuren!! (White Ripple)        D.DB.B,D.DB.B,(atk)

**Lvl 3 San no Mai.....Shirafune (White Sword)**         D.DF,F,c
    -This is a reversal throw type attack.

***Current Goal:
Finish Shikai without Glitches
Code in All Shikai Attacks except San no Mai(need edits)
Code Bakudo 61

**After that?
Fix Shunpo Combo
Separate Hair Colors from Shikai so it can be included in pallet
Another Intro and Ending may-haps?
Start San no Mai Edits