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Stuff is still happening....kinda

So I am still editing content every once in a while (recently I have been planing stuff for Rukia and Peach since I have everything I need to get going on them...just need time lol)
I have a move set planned out completely and I've settled with not changing it. There will not be a shikai form until I finish her Gigai form completely. In terms of SPPeach I'm starting from scratch but I still have all the sprites and will be able to better put her together. Winter and Summer are primarily when I get time to do anything involving MUGEN because of school and work but things should still be happening once Christmas Break rolls around.

In the meantime though MugenLord started a little challenge series called Mugen's Most Wanted a bit ago. I did some videos for that if anyone wants to check them out. :D

Other than that keep checking by every once in a blue moon and who knows, there might be an update here or there (or a stage or 2.....or fixed image links because photobucket is derpp lol)

Now with video!! :D Rukia 0.8.2

Rukia 0.8.15

So I have slowly been working on Rukia, little by little. I'm trying to fix her up but college is slowing her progress majorly (that and the move to a new computer again -__-)

BUT! Nonetheless shes still kickin. Looking at her last release I'm kinda mad at myself lol So heres whats been fixed up so far (striaght from the new read me =D )

 -Fixed the damages in her supers
 -Did some damage tweaks as she was MAJORLY weak in comparison to other chars.
 -Fixed the many typos in readme ^^'''
 -added AI....may be a bit crappy (I'm learning more as I go but for now I need to focus more on her edits so I can offically start her Shikai form....yup I said it shes gettin one lol)
 -Started editing 3 sheets for her shikai (she looks so diffrent in each game, its kinda ridiculous lol)
 -Put back in code for intro sound (didnt feel right w/o it....)
 -Landing sounds added
 -Kinda fixed sizes in various things including Bakudou 4
 -Took out energy cost for sp moves and just made it required for her to have a certaint amount of energy. Hopefully this will lessen the spamage of projs
 -Changed up comboing a bit for less infinates (like the lk,mk,lk,mk,lk,ect. is now dead thx to Med Kick 2 :3) <Ended up failing lol maybe next time xD
 -got new effects for White Ligtning
 -New effects for
  Shot of Fire(all of them)
  Bakudou 4
 -Redid coding in Supers a bit
 -.....broke the supers. >.<
 -Fixed the IASSP (You will be missed....)
 -Made Air Shot of Fire combo-able with Knee Combo in honor if the IASSP :)
 -Got rid of her intro sound (well just killed the code)
 -Dust re-coded
 -Made Bakudou 4 smaller, uh, but now its kinda too small...crap -__-
 -Sped up charge, still slow start but it gets alot faster as time goes on

I'm tweaking up things and adding stuff to make her more presentable and smoother play (plus I told myself I was definately adding in a super jump and/or air dash before relaeasing her update ^^''') Should be a new version up by the end of this weekend when my break is over.

This site could use an update too lol

Rukia is back in buisness!!!

For a while I had to stop completely because of school work but i started back but realized that all my MUGEN stuffs was gone.
I all my stuff was on my flash and i lost my it cuz i'm a dummy lol
I had several edits ready for her throw, and her needed sprites but i didn't save them online and they were soley on my flash, BUT thats okay! lol I put some other sprites that came with her for her required sprites until i can make more edits and get all my programs on my flash back.
In this update i fixed all her problems, even the debug errors except for the last newer required sprites. I changed some of the timing, and fixed her konSMASH.

So heres the linky to da page. Tell me what you think.

Updates 11/1 Where's the cream fillin??

I know some who ever is looking at this is wondering, where did some opf the stuff go??....or whats up with the weird title lol I am hiding a few things until i get them back up and running AKA having more stuff on it than a picture of Miaka as a tree XD There should also be some poems in the poems/blogg section. Check it outz!!! ^-^

Update 10/30 Rukia Kuchiki

The site has been completely rearranged and renamed because it was themed lol

Later on I'll make pgs for all the chars and their plans(if I can figure out freewebs a bit more lol) also my first download has been put up!

Now presenting.........Rukia Kuchiki!

Version 0.8 Beta.

Enjoy and please leave feed back in the Guestbook so I can make her better! ^-^